Archived Quotes from February 2022

Go to bed.  Whatever you're staying up late for isn't worth it. ~~ Andy Rooney

When we describe what the other person is really like, I suppose we often picture what we want.  We look through the prism of our need. ~~ Ellen Goodman


 Every life is many days, day after day.  We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love.  But always meeting ourselves. ~~ James Joyce [Ulysses]

 Other people can't make you see with their eyes.  At best they can only encourage you to use your own. ~~ Aldous Huxley



Lying is a cooperative act. Think about it. A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance. Its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie. ~~ Pamela Meyer




Behind the heavens,
life and death, a tone,
Behind the heart,
a butterfly dancing,
In the end everything is simple,
as simple as a leaf that one holds in one’s hand,
as simple as the laughter of a child.


~~ Alexis Karpouzos




 When you come to the end of a crime novel, something at least in this huge, chaotic world has been settled. ~~ J. B Priestley



If others could only see us as we think we are. ~~ Kin Hubbard



If we are ever in doubt about what to do, it is a good rule to ask ourselves what we shall wish on the morrow that we had done. ~~ John Lubbock



In middle life, the human back is spoiling for a technical knockout and will use the flimsiest excuse, even a sneeze, to fall apart. ~~ E. B. White



I've realized that although Valentine's Day can be a cheesy money-making stint to most people, it's a day of expressing love across the world. It doesn't have to only be between lovers, but by telling a friend that you care, or even an old person that they are still appreciated. ~~ Reeva Steenkamp



Love is sharing your popcorn. ~~ Charles Schulz



My granddaddy on my momma's side, he was a romantic. He loved love songs. Every Valentine's Day, I remember him buying a red carnation for my grandmomma, my momma and my sister. That was something you could count on every year. ~~ Josh Turner




Fishing is a passion.  I often think that when you are fishing, wildlife comes to you, because you are a peculiarity--a quiet human being. ~~ Iaia Duncan Smith



I don't have time for superficial friends.  I suppose if you're really lonely you can call a superficial friend, but otherwise, what's the point? ~~ Courteney Cox



I am in the prime of senility. ~~ Joel Chandler Harris




 When I walk into my kitchen today, I am not alone.  Whether we know it or not, none of us is.  We bring fathers and mothers and kitchen tables, and every meal we have ever eaten. Food is never just food.  It's also a way of getting at something else:  who we are, who we have been, and who we want to be. ~~ Molly Wizenberg



Only grown-ups have difficulty with childproof bottles. ~~ Joe Moore



There are men and women who make the world better just by being the kind of people they are. They have the gift of kindness or courage or loyalty or integrity. It really matters very little whether they are behind the wheel of a truck or running a business or bringing up a family. They teach the truth by living it. ~~ President James Garfield



I believe in (the American) people. I believe that people are more good than bad. I believe tragic things happen. I think there's evil in the world. But I think that at the end of the day, if we work hard, and if we're true to those things in us that feel true and feel right, that the world gets a little better each time. That's what this presidency is trying to be about. And I see that in the young people I work with. This is not just drama-Obama. This is what I really believe. ~~ Barack Obama



One must scratch that part of the body or mind that itches. ~~ Aminu Kano



 I don't know, but I'll think of something. ~~ Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [film, 1989, screenwriter Jeffrey Boam]



 Mourn if you must, but don’t stop fighting. ~~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Advice from children:
Never try to dress your cat.
Never eat a magnet when you have braces.
Never go swimming at Reptile Land.
Never live in a house with one bathroom and three sisters.

~~ Gathered by schoolteacher Robert Bender


There may be many degrees of wrongdoing. But it doesn’t make any of ’em right. ~~ The Miller's Dance [Winston Graham]



Do what you feel in your heart to be right--for you'll be criticized anyway.  You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't. ~~ Eleanor Roosevelt



Old age is an excellent time for outrage.  My goal is to say or do at least one outrageous thing every week. ~~ Louis Kronenberger