Archived Quotes from April 2018

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life. ~~ Janine di Giovanni


 Old age is an excellent time for outrage.  My goal is to say or do at least one outrageous thing every week. ~~ Maggie Kuhn


 There are three things I was born with in this world, and there are three things I will have until the day I die:  hope, determination, and song. ~~ Miriam Makeba



I am inclined to think that the flowers we most love are those we knew when we were very young, when our senses were most acute to color and to smell, and our natures most lyrical. ~~ Dorothy Thompson

Regrets are as personal as fingerprints. ~~ Margaret Culkin Banning



Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good; try to use ordinary situations. ~~ Jean Paul Richter



Life is a shadowy, strange, and winding road. ~~ Robert G. Ingersoll



One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. ~~ A. A. Milne



It's more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly.  Do not mistake activity for achievement. ~~ Mabel Newcomer



At 60, I know little more about wisdom than I did at 30, but I know a great deal more about folly. ~~ Mason Cooley



Why not dream?  It keeps you young.  The only difference between me and a child is sixty-five years. ~~ Walter J. Hickel



I remember my youth and the feeling that will never come back any more, the feeling that I could last forever, outlast the sea, the earth, and all men. ~~ Joseph Conrad




So it's Friday the 13th.  Big deal.  I'm not going to live in fear of a date on the calendar.  I defy any invisible force to come and


~~ Patrick Varas

 The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts:  to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, "I was wrong." ~~ Sydney J. Harris

 Nobody, as long as he moves about among the chaotic currents of life, is without trouble. ~~ Carl Jung



 Instead of being presented with stereotypes by age, sex, color, class, or religion, children must have the opportunity to learn that within each range, some people are loathsome and some are delightful. ~~ Margaret Mead


 If you can neither accept it or change it, try to laugh at it. ~~ Ashleigh Brilliant


 Seldom, very seldom, does complete truth belong to any human disclosure; seldom can it happen that something is not a little disguised, or a little mistaken. ~~ Jane Austen [Emma]


 More important than learning how to recall things is finding ways to forget things that are cluttering the mind. ~~ Eric Butterworth


 Nothing is perfect.  Life is messy.  Relationships are complex.  Outcomes are uncertain.  People are irrational. ~~ Hugh Mackay



Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.  The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. ~~ Henry Ford



Spring has returned.  The earth is like a child that knows poems. ~~ Rainer Maria Rilke

To wake in that desert dawn was like waking in the heart of an opal… ~~ Gertrude Bell

 Another sign of middle age:  questions begin with the words, "Are you still…" ~~ D. C. Burrows


 Honesty has come to mean the privilege of insulting you to your face without expecting redress. ~~ Judith Martin


 Time--our youth--it never really goes, does it?  It is all held in our minds. ~~ Helen Hoover Santmyer


 There are few men whose friends will build them a monument so honorable or so durable as he builds for himself who plants an elm, maple, oak, or other good shade tree. ~~ The Old Farmers Almanac (1850)



Remember the feeling as a child

when you woke up and morning smiled,

it's time you felt like that again.


~~ Taj Mahal [Take a Giant Step, song, 1969]



Remember the feeling as a child

when you woke up and morning smiled,

it's time you felt like that again.


~~ Taj Mahal [Take a Giant Step, song, 1969]


 We are all in the same boat, both animals and men.  You cannot promote kindness to one without benefiting the other. ~~ Edward Everett Hale


 Walk tall as the trees; live strong as the mountains; be gentle as the spring winds; keep the warmth of summer in your heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you. ~~ Native American Chant